Social Networking

  • ePals Global Community, a social learning network designed for K12 students, with almost 13 million K12 students and teachers and built with security features with K12 students in mind
  • CollectiveX
  • we Papers- social knowledge sharing web application which allows college & university students and lecturers to share and manage their papers
  • FaceBook
  • Courses on Facebook Application
  • FlashcardFriends A free social network for teachers & students to create, share, learn and self-test with online flashcards.
  • Imbee
  • Mosoto With Mosoto you can easily share files, chat with friends and discover people and media in your social network. Mosoto is built on top of facebook.
  • MySpace
  • Ning
  • Twitter
  • Seesmic great asynchronous video conversation, they are coming with private groupd pretty soon.
  • LinkedIn Job networking site. Good for college-aged students and corporate environments.

Social Network Resources

Blog Resources

Mephisto is a blogging engine built in Rails and, while has less features than wordpress, is also lighter and more agile.
Technorati helps you grow your blog readership and allows you to discover other blogs.
Designed based on requests of K12 teachers for a safe and protected experience with opportunities for authentic assessment of student work in English or in other languages, with ability to post photos, videos, audio files, and more
A Blog about how to use Social Networks as potential to raise your income. All free techniques and tips about Social Networks and which are the best to use to make Social Networking Income.

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